OPEN CALL re:natura #04 – Æther

renatura Grafik mit Vogel

Submission Form:

Following conceptual and material excursions, re:natura #04 – Æther is taking a deep breath and welcomes you to get inspired by the invisible.

Derived from ancient greek αἰθήρ; aithḗr (the blue sky), we want to contemplate the medium that surrounds and sustains this blue planet. As a protective layer, the atmosphere provides shelter from the vast, dark coldness of space to host and nourish not only aerial but also all earthbound life.

Insects and birds are far from the only ethereal habitants: mammals (bats), plants and fungi (pollination, sporulation), certain reptiles, microorganisms and even flying fish partake in roaming the sky. By technical means, even the human dream of flying has been immensely overfulfilled.

Think about air as a medium to nature and culture alike: distributing gas, temperature, humidity as well as sound and electromagnetic waves and – of course – visible light.

The sky may also be a reason for concern: Climate disasters, air and sound pollution and their complex entanglements occupy our thoughts.

We invite (sound) artists, poets, experimental musicians and radiophonic sound designers to share their unique perspectives on the environment transporting all things audible. Associative, descriptive as well as analytical concepts are welcome: Span your wings.

Submissions are due Sunday, June 30, 2024

Please adhere to our submission notes – only submissions via the google form will be accepted!

After a subsequent review, a selection of up to 7 titles will be compiled and published on our Bandcamp website. Minimum compensation for each track accepted for the compilation: 100 € (depending on funding)

The compilation is curated by our label - the selection will be made based on formal requirements as well as artistic quality and harmony with our self-image. The entire proceeds of the compilation sales on Bandcamp will go to the biodiversity program of Friends Of The Earth Germany.

If you have any questions about our project or your submission, please contact


Submission Notes:

Please read our prerequisites carefully!

1. There are no fixed genre boundaries, experiments are welcome - have a look at our instagram profile and listen to our previous compilations to get a feel for our approach!

2. You can find further inspiration and topic ideas in the announcement text above, on our instagram feed, through internet research, public libraries, documentaries, etc. We are also available for friendly enquiries via

3. Your contribution should be created specifically for the common topic of the compilation and should not exceed 8 minutes. It's recommendable to be specific in your  chosen topic.

4. Please submit your contribution with commentary and contextualise your work:
A short description of your concept is necessary (100-300 words).

5. The file name should contain ARTIST NAME and TRACK TITLE (ARTIST_TRACK.wav)

6. Titles should be transmitted as non-mastered *.wav files (24-bit, min. 44.1 kHZ) (-9dB to -3dB)

7. Please share your work, your press photo and your short concept as a download link that does not expire.

8. Please do not submit any previously published and / or copyrighted material.

9. If your contribution is chosen for the final compilation it will be mastered and licensed under CC attributes ( We will pay a minimum compensation of 100 € gross per accepted track (more depending on funding) – please be sure that you can invoice re:natura properly.

10. Have fun creating! =)


About re:natura

re:natura is a not for profit artist collective, music label and experimental laboratory with a clear, shared vision.

In our work we explore animals, plants, landscapes, celestial bodies and natural phenomena in the critical tradition of naturalists and sound futurists. We are driven by our personal passion for sound and science.
Nature serves as a source of inspiration for our publications.

As non-profit artist collective, we’ve decided to donate all of our proceeds made from Bandcamp sales to Friends Of The Earth Germany to support a healthy biodiversity.