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Sat, 16.09.2023, 21:00 - Sun, 17.09.2023, 00:00 | ausland

Hiccup Quartet @Westgermany © by Nayla Abi Aad
© Hiccup Quartet @Westgermany © by Nayla Abi Aad

Started in Berlin in 2020, Hiccup brings together four strong personalities from different musical backgrounds and plenty of unexpected twists.
In their musical research, they have developed a highly personalised approach with their
instruments, ranging from Marina Cyrino's amplified flute and objects, Tony Elieh's bass and
electronics, JD Zazie's playback devices and field recordings and Matthias Koole's no-input
mixer and guitar. Hiccup combines these experiences and relates them to one another, taking the audience through imaginary worlds of instrumental landscapes, electric forests, static images and gestural scenes.
Their first album will be released on Beirut's renowned label Al Maslakh Records by end of the year.

Viola Yip is an experimental composer, performer, improviser, sound artist and instrument builder from Hong Kong. She has been interested in creating new self-built instruments and sound works in the intersection of composition, performance, improvisation and sound art, exploring various relationships between media, materiality, space and our musical bodies in experimental music.
Viola Yip's instruments and performances has been presented in major music festivals and concert series arround the globe.

Programm Teil 1


  • Marina Cyrino | Amplified Flute(s)
  • Tony Elieh | Bass, Electronics
  • Matthias Koole | Guitar, Electronics
  • JD Zazie | Turntables, CDjs

Programm Teil 2

Viola Yip

  • Viola Yip | electronic DIY instruments


  • Sat, 16.09.2023, 21:00 - Sun, 17.09.2023, 00:00
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