field notes is the magazine for contemporary music in Berlin. As a print and online resource, it reports on current developments and events in Berlin's scene. The field notes print magazine is published every two months with a circulation of 12,000 copies. Subscribers receive it free of charge via post, and everyone else can find it in all cultural locations of relevance. All previous issues can also be read in digital form under »Editions«.


A portrait of inm felllow Les Vynogradov

Review | Follow the Fellow

Monthly notes from inm fellow Les Vynogradov.

Two hands hold a red, semi-transluscent vinyl record

Releases of the Month | March 2024

Many of the numerous monthly highlights were created in collaboration: Bauer + Katharina Schmidt, Hanno Leichtmann & Valerio Tricoli, the duo HJirok, Marta Forsberg and her brother Tomasz as well as many others worked together.

Picture of a record player taken from above, on it the album "Lemonade" by Beyoncé

Releases of the Month | February 2024

The current month is a bit longer than usual, and the music makes the moment feel even longer. Featuring new albums by Alessandro Bosetti, Kali Malone, Mariana Sadovska & Max Andrzejewski, Yan Jun & Eric Wong and many more.

Das Bild zeigt die Komponisin Lucia Dlugoszewski

News | MaerzMusik 2024

A preview of this year's edition of MaerzMusik.

Das Cover der Ausgabe 36

field notes Magazine #36: March/April 2024

This issue focuses on participation and sound research with children and young people. On the cover you can see an excerpt from the score »Disparate Stairway Radical Other« by Lucia Dlugoszewski.

Eine Schallplatte in Nahaufnahmen, man kann die Struktur ihrer Rillen erkennen.

Releases of the Month | January 2024

New year, new music: field notes editor Kristoffer Cornils greets the new year with new releases by Cedrik Fermont, Eiko Yamada, Mattin, the late Phill Niblock and many more.