field notes is the magazine for contemporary music and jazz in Berlin. As a print and online resource, it reports on current developments and events in Berlin's scene, covering a broad spectrum of new music, Echtzeitmusik and improvisation, music theatre and opera, electronic and electro-acoustic music, sound art and various varieties of jazz.
The field notes print magazine is published every two months with a circulation of 15,000 copies. Subscribers receive it free of charge via post, and everyone else can find it in all cultural locations of relevance. Its office is located in Berlin, but the readership is international. All previous issues can also be read in digital form under »Editions«.


A section in a record stores that says "music to fuck your head"

Releases of the Month | May to September 2023

Kristoffer Cornils presents new releases by Marginal Consort, Ehsan Saboohi, Theo Nabicht and his Circle Line project, Aleksandra Słyż and many more.

Jessie Cox by Tilly Clifford

Interview | Jessie Cox on Multidimensional Spaces, Creolity, and Opacity

Composer and drummer Jessie Cox talks multidimensional spaces, creolity, opacity, and pop with Elisa Erkelenz ahead of the next edition of Outernational.

Monthati Masebe by Monthati Masebe

Interview | Monthati Masebe on Sound Healing and Indigenous Instruments

Monthati Masebe talks sound healing, Indigenous instruments and collective composition with Elisa Erkelenz ahead of a new edition of Outernational.

Christian Wolff at AngelicA Festival Bologna 2022 by Massimo Golfieri

Interview | »I don’t deliberately try to change«

Christian Wolff talks about changes in more than 70 years of compositional practice, the dialogue between score and the performers and the portrait concert »Metal & Breath«.

CD's in denen sich Himmel und Wolken spiegeln

Releases of the Month | Releases of the Month May 2023

Kristoffer Cornils discusses new albums by Kevin Drumm, Christina Kubisch, Anna Schimkat, The Skull Mask, Nakibembe Embaire Group, among others.

Rabih Beaini im Morphine Raum

Feature | Morphine Raum #32

While everything else was moving into the digital realm, and culture was increasingly drifting to the outskirts, Rabih Beaini created a space for encounters, right in the middle of the city. Since the spring of 2020, Morphine Raum (Morphine Room or Space) has become one of the most excitin...