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field notes is a bimonthly magazine with its finger on the pulse of Berlin's contemporary music scene with event announcements and background information. It contains an editorial section with concert recommendations as well as a calendar with a comprehensive listing of events.


inm – initiative neue musik berlin e. V.
Littenstraße 10
10179 Berlin


Circulation of 12,000 copies

Publication frequency

The magazine is published 5 time per year (bimonthly with a summer break)
Delivery in Berlin and Brandenburg

Format & Print

118 x 270 mm

Distribution and Delivery

Delivery to concert halls, stages, cultural venues and music colleges as well as to distributors in the cultural and gastronomic scenes via Dinamix Berlin. Direct mailing to around 2,500 subscribers in Germany and abroad.

Target Audience

The readership of field notes is interested in contemporary music (new music, music theatre, improvisation and Echtzeitmusik, classical music, electronic and electro-acoustic music, sound art) and is also open to related fields of contemporary art. The readership is made up of concertgoers (frequent visitors with a medium to high level of expertise in music), curators, journalists, musicians, cultural managers, students, musicologists and an open-minded general public. The readers mainly live in the Berlin-Brandenburg area and are between 25 and 35 years old. It is published in German, with selected content also in English.

Deadlines for advertisements and inserts

March/April issue 2024
Event recommendations: 15 January 2024
Calendar entries: 20 January 2024
Advertisements: 20 January 2024
Inserts: 10 February 2024

May/August issue 2024
Event recommendations: 15 March 2024
Calendar entries: 20 March 2024
Advertisements: 20 March 2024
Inserts: 10 April 2024

September/October issue 2024
Event recommendations: 15 June 2024
Calendar entries: 20 June 2024
Advertisements: 20 June 2024
Inserts: 20 July 2024

November/December issue 2024
Event recommendations: 15 September 2024
Calendar entries: 20 September 2024
Advertisements: 20 September 2024
Inserts: 20 October 2024


All events submitted to the online calendar by the respective editorial deadline will automatically appear in the concert calendar of the print edition of field notes magazine. Submissions received later will only appear online. Workshops, talks and conferences can be submitted to the calendar for professionals.

Event Recommendations (Feldfund)

Please fill out this form with all relevant information on the event by the respective editorial deadline and additionally enter the event in the online calendar. Events that are selected for the Feldfund section are featured with a half-page preview.

Selection of Submissions

The editorial team checks all the submissions and decides based on the overall picture which of the events submitted will be published in print. It's important for us to present a well-rounded overview of concerts in the editorial section of the magazine. The main thing we aim for is a balance of genres and disciplines: new music, music theatre, sound art, improvisation and Echtzeitmusik, and electroacoustic and electronic music. We also make sure that different figures are represented over the course of the magazine's run. field notes give special consideration to players in the independent scene. In addition, the magazine's programme continually strives to reflect social diversity.

We ask for your understanding if your event does not get selected. If you have entered your event in the calendar on the website in time for the editorial deadline, it will at least appear in the calendar section of the magazine with the basic details. Alternatively, we would be happy to include your event in our newsletter or in our Facebook communication.

Advertising formats and prices, advertising deadlines and inserts

Prices | Size (mm x mm) |
Price (gross) / Independent-scene-price (discounted)

Banner in newsletter / Social Media
800 x 250 pix
200 € / 100 €

¼ ad
Quarter page (portrait format) 49.3mm x 114mm (w x h)
200 € / 150 €

1/2 ad
Half-page (portrait format) 103mm x 114mm (w x h)
500 € / 350 €

1/1 ad
Full page (portrait format) 103mm x 232,5mm (w x h)
900 € / 600 €

2/1 ad
Double page (portrait format) 222mm x 232,5mm (w x h)
1300 € / 1200 €

for mailing to approx. 2,300 subscribers
Max. 5 gram and max. 1 mm height (postcard)
500 € / 350 €

Insert Maxi
for mailing to approx. 2,300 subscribers
More than 5 gram (up to 15 gram max.) and higher than 1 mm (folded flyer, booklet, brochure)
700 € / 500 €

Discount with double booking: field notes + Positionen
250 € (half-page field notes) + 250 € (half-page items)

Quantity discount
10% on the second booking within a year and 15% on the third booking

Double booking insert + 1/2 advertisement
900 € (instead of 1050 €) / 550 € (instead of 700 €)

Double booking newsletter + insert
650 € (instead of 750 €) / 400 € (instead of 450 €)

Text ad / mini ad
125 € / 75 € (Minimalist presentation of your event in the form of a paragraph in the print magazine)

All prices include VAT. We are happy to offer a cultural discount to members of the independent scene.

Details of formats and colours

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Lisa Benjes, Kristoffer Cornils

Ads and loose inserts

Daryna Axxi Degtiarova
E-Mail / Tel.: 030 350 50 980


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