Past Editions

Since 2017, the Month of Contemporary Music has presented the diversity of Berlin's contemporary music scene every September. In concerts, performances and sound installations, current works by Berlin ensembles, artists and composers can be discovered - both in established concert halls and in independent venues.

The umbrella festival is curated by the scene itself: Ensembles, festivals and artists are invited to participate in the programme with events. The inm / field notes merely coordinates the individual events and ensures cross-festival communication. Through the common framework of the Month of Contemporary Music, the broad spectrum of activities can be adequately represented and communicated to a broader public.

Monat der zeitgenössischen Musik 2022

MdzM 2022

Month of Contemporary Music 2022

Throughout September, the Month of Contemporary Music (Monat der zeitgenössischen Musik) presents musicians, composers and ensembles from Berlin that work in the realm of new music, sound art, music theatre, echtzeitmusik and improvisation. They take to the stages of both established conce...


Eröffnung des Monats der zeitgenössischen Musik 2022

The Ensemble KNM Berlin will perform new works dealing with the phenomenon of the street at the opening on September 2nd at FAHRBEREITSCHAFT.

A Trio

Focal points of the Month of Contemporary Music 2022

To call the Month of Contemporary Music a festival would be pure understatement. With its approximately 150 events in 65 venues in just four weeks, the Month of Contemporary Music is not only more than comprehensive, but also a reliable barometer of current trends in the field of contempor...

Monat der zeitgenössischen Musik 2021

Sound Walk Berlin

Sound Walk Berlin

What is the relationship between music and place? With the Sound Walk Berlin, we aim to deepen the debate surrounding the social and political significance of music in urban space and its representation, while also observing the sound of the city itself. With the Sound Walk Berlin, the con...

Monat der zeitgenössischen Musik @ Sonambiente 2021

Beteiligte Künstler*innen und Bühnen 2021

2021 spielten eine Reihe an Berliner und internationalen Künstler*innen, Ensembles und Gruppen an über 50 in ganz Berlin verteilten Bühnen.