What does Freedom sound like? Curating Diversity symposium, Part 2

What does Freedom Sound Like

Many thanks to all for bringing your expertise and experience around the table and engaging in such fruitful, constructive and open exchanges throughout the two days of the symposium “Curating Diversity: What does freedom sound like?”. We are grateful for the valuable and insightful discussions, the diversity of perspectives and the openness of everyone to follow such a (challenging) digital format.

Listening Sessions

The participants were invited to meet in groups and attend 45 min Listening Sessions, hosted by the following artists:

  • Ariel Wiliam Orah - Ravenative Keroncong 2021
  • Joseph Kamaru - artifices unknown
  • Elsa M'bala
  • Robert Machiri & Memory Biwa - PUNGWE
  • Grant Jurius (Future Nostalgia)
  • Hardi Kurda
  • Raven Chacon

Open Space

The second part of the Symposium was organized, using Open Space Technology. This participative meeting methodology invites participants to collectively create and organize the agenda and content of parallel working sessions around the central theme.

  • 1: A Creolised Usable Part for Music
  • 2: Should we cancel all postponed premiers?
  • 3: How does contemporary music relate to the topic of freedom?
  • 4: Experiences with freedom - conditions for it?
  • 6: Post pandemic festivals
  • 7: The Forgotten Creole, New Music in Latin-American
  • 8: Artists in the Third-space: cultural mobility, is it a curse or a blessing?

Action Planning

  • A: Youth-Educational and major cultural organizational inclusion
  • B: Seeking collaborators co-thinkers and co-presenters for new hybrid multi-creative projects with Ensemble Extrakte Berlin
  • C: Hashtag Guerilla
  • D: Organising a sharable database for touring (organisers contacts), tricks and tips regarding visas, opportunities, funding, travels, travel E: Networking Art Project
  • F: Look for cooperation for Bridge concerts for intersonanzen Festival
  • G: #CancelallPostponedPremieres or 100% new music quo

Please find the detailed documentation of the Open Space here.