Konzert Berliner Lautsprecherorchester

  • Elektronische / Elektroakustische Musik
  • Konzert

Wed, 24.04.2024, 19:00 - 21:00 | HfM Hanns Eisler, Studiosaal

© Simon Hertling

The Berlin Loudspeaker Orchestra is an assembly of different loudspeakers that become independent players and produce sound. The loudspeaker orchestra is ‘conducted‘ via a console, an apparatus or an interface that allows the individual loudspeakers to be controlled. Electroacoustic music is ‘devirtualized‘, it is given a body in which it can be actualized in the performance in the first place. Students from both universities, UdK Berlin and HfM Hanns Eisler, regularly compose for this orchestra.

Conductors: Kirsten Reese, Wolfgang Heiniger
Supervising tutors: Jacqueline Butzinger


  • HfM Hanns Eisler, Studiosaal
  • Charlottenstraße 55
  • 10117, Berlin, Mitte
  • Wed, 24.04.2024, 19:00 - 21:00
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