Sound Walk Berlin

A sound walk by the contemporary music scene Berlin

Sound Walk Berlin

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What is the relationship between music and place? With the Sound Walk Berlin, we aim to deepen the debate surrounding the social and political significance of music in urban space and its representation, while also observing the sound of the city itself. With the Sound Walk Berlin, the contemporary music scene is reclaiming its urban space and turning the streets of Berlin into a stage!

Artists, ensembles and venues of the contemporary music scene expanded or redefined various places in Berlin in terms of sound. Sound and music interact with the existing urban sounds of a place (such as traffic, voices, playgrounds, subway and construction sites) or comment on its architecture, history and surroundings.

With the Sound Walk Berlin, residents and visitors can experience the city from the perspective of the artists. These personal listening experiences sensitise the listener to the unique sounds of our living spaces, and to the connection between sound and city, and thus stimulate diverse discussions about the relationship between sounds of the city and spaces for music. On the walks, both the city and the contemporary music scene can be (re)discovered.

The map consists of:

  • a sound spots (Artists assign music to places)
  • a sound mark (A place with a special sound)
  • a route (Sound or audio walk with several connected stations)
  • Performances (Artistic intervention in public space)
  • Sound Art Exhibitions

How to use it:

Equipped with headphones, you can explore the sound stations on your own. The virtual city map is available at An app is not required, the music is streamed via Soundcloud and good headphones enhance the sound experience.