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We are thrilled to extend a unique invitation for two enchanting workshops that promise to resonate with the authentic essence of voice expression. Join us for a White Voice Workshop in the vibrant city of Warsaw, followed by a Kulning Workshop in the serene forests of Sweden, just before the magical midsummer eve. These two workshops, set in contrasting environments, provide a unique opportunity to explore the diversity of voice expression. From the dynamic, urban energy of Warsaw to the tranquil, natural serenity of the Swedish forest, each workshop offers distinct insights into the authentic beauty of voice techniques. Embrace the richness of both the urban and natural worlds as we delve into the intricate differences and shared authenticity of voice expression. We look forward to creating harmonious memories with you in Warsaw and the Swedish forest. 

In the serene and secluded landscapes of Scandinavia, a unique singing technique evolved through the ages—KULNING. This mesmerizing technique was traditionally used by women to call free-roaming animals such as cows, sheep, and goats back from the pastures to their stables. Become a part of this cultural journey as we delve into the echoes of Kulning amidst the serene landscapes of Sörmland. Discover the enchanting melodies that once resonated through the valleys and hills, connecting generations and bridging the gap between the human voice and nature. Kulning is very powerful, it's an exiting cultural history and it´s a fun and releasing journey of voice exploration! Register now!

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