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Entangled Sounds 2024 #1

Fri, 05.04.2024, 20:30 - 23:30 | KM28

© Alex Dietrich

Entangled Sounds 2024 #1

Ale Hop, solo set for electric guitar & electronics
Sascha Brosamer, solo set for gramophone & electric guitar

The relaunch of Karin Weisenbrunner's Entangled Sounds series features solo sets by Ale Hop and Sascha Brosamer.

For complex pop arrangements and contemporary electronic music, ALE HOP combines synthesisers with the tactility of the electric guitar. The Peruvian-born sound artist combines an extensive repertoire of advanced techniques and modifications for electric guitar and real-time sampling devices to create a sonic vocabulary of striking physical intensity. (

SASCHA BROSAMER combines electric guitar and gramophone. By interactively transmitting the sounds of his gramophone playing to the audience's mobile phone speakers, he projects his archaeological sound research into the digital context of the present. (

Entangled Sounds is a series exploring object-specific sounds, resonant bodies and (meta-)mechanical motion, featuring performers using self-made instruments or materialities of audio/media reproduction.

with kind support from INM Berlin e.V.


  • Fri, 05.04.2024, 20:30 - 23:30
  • Break:
  • Doors 20:00 | Concert 20:30

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