Reanimation Orchestra

Reanimation Orchestra is an international open-structured multidisciplinary group of musicians united by their desire to blur the boundaries between the roles of composer, interpreter and improviser.

The orchester presents its work through a diverse range of sonic resources, encompassing string, woodwind and brass instruments, as well as live and pre-recorded electronics.

As a diverse group of musicians and thinkers, the orchestra aims to form part of a new generation that is developing as progressive movements in the arts, but also in social, environmental, cultural and political spheres.

The Orchestra was founded in 2017 by Ame Zek and is currently formed of eight Berlin-based musicians: Ame Zek (prepared guitar, electronics, prepared thunder sheet), JD Zazie (turntables, CDj), Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson (bass and contrabass clarinets), Marie Takahashi (viola), Jack Adler-McKean (tuba, other brass instruments), Caroline Cecilia Tallone (prepared hurdy gurdy), Guilherme Rodrigues (violoncello) and Elo Masing (violin).

In previous seasons, members have included Ulrike Brand (violoncello), Adam Goodwin (double bass), Hui-Chun Lin (violoncello), Erik Drescher (flute), Sylvia Hinz (recorders) and Jeremy Woodruff (flutes), with whom the orchester continues to work regularly.