Clinker Lounge Concerts

Clinker Lounge Concerts offers classical artists a platform to reach new audiences, perform innovative ideas and connect with fellow open-minded people. The venue beneath the more than 130 year old iconic Backfabrik in the heart of Berlin provides a unique and magical setting. All expenses are paid for by private donors with 100% of ticket sales going directly to the performing artists.

Since mid-2018 the Clinker Lounge has become a place for an array of cutting-edge ensembles to explore and develop their sound amid excellent acoustics and remarkable history. Alongside the Literaturstation, Clinker Lounge Concerts provides a programme of diverse concerts at least twice a month. The intimacy and closeness with which the music making can be experienced by the audience in this atmospheric hall is a core value of the concert series. Furthermore audience members are encouraged to meet the artists after the concert in order to talk more closely about the music, performance design, or other artistic themes. Clinker Lounge Concerts is proud to offer the opportunity for children to engage with new music through our clinker x future series.