LUX:NM contemporary music ensemble berlin is a soloist ensemble for new music that has rapidly developed into an internationally sought­after ensemble.

Saxophonist Ruth Velten and accordionist Silke Lange founded the ensemble in 2010 with the goal of creating self­ designed and varied concert programmes with a flexible instrumentation.

Working without a conductor, the ensemble dedicates itself to the performance of con­ temporary music as well as to initiating the creation of new works, by regularly commis­ sioning them. Through intensive ensemble work and close collaborations with composers, the ensemble develops new projects in which electronics and genre­transcending ideas very naturally find their place.

As in­demand chamber musicians, who have also received awards at international competitions, the ensemble’s instrumentalists can regularly be found performing on im­ portant concert stages and as guests in new music festivals.

In their various self­produced projects, the ensemble emphasizes on certain themes:
u.a. in<>between(international concert series since 2011), Effervescent Powder, Effervescent Powder or “Traces of Popular Musicality in New Music” (2011/2012), IM FOKUS Konzertreihe (seit 2013, ensemble in residence), LUXUS NEUE MUSIK (concert series since 2015), (F)LUX:NM (Fluxus concert in cooperation with the Staatsoper Berlin, 2015), Böse Büchse (collaboration with the artist group Club Real, 2015), HOME SWEET HOME - A Scenic Concert (concert series IM FOKUS, 2015), AARON S. (multimedia opera by Sławomir Wojciechowski, 2016), KAP HOORN (music theatre by Gordon Kampe, 2016), Diary, Random and Pickles (music theatre piece by Pierre Jodlowski, 2016).

Since 2013, LUX:NM is the ensemble in residence for the IM FOKUS concert series. Numerous radio productions (e.g., Deutschlandfunk, Deutschlandradio Kultur) document the ensemble’s work.

The ensemble has appeared on CD recordings released by Wergo/Deutscher Musikrat EZM, DUX, GENUIN classics, among others.
2013/DUX - Porträt-CD Agnieska Stulginska
2015/Wergo - Porträt-CD Johannes Kreidler/Deutscher Musikrat
2016/GENUIN classics - LUXUS - ensemble works by P. Frick, G. Kampe, S. Rohloff, M. Marcoll and S. Nemtsov