PHØNIX16 is a singer collective for the propagation and performance of current, updated and contemporary music for | with | without voice: living music by living composers.

PHØNIX16 are 12 singers, a composer in residence, a sound director, an artistic producer and a productive artistic director. The fact that the singers are both soloists and part of a collective decisively influences the sound, the music and the rehearsal process.

PHØNIX16 combines voices in an unusual way; the repertoire consists of works for 1 to 16 voices with | without percussion, electronics, instruments and moving images.

In addition to premieres of new works for 1-16 voices, PHØNIX16 recycles existing works for current practice by performing "sudden death" works (once premiered and never again performed!), "death penalty" works (too heavy! too weird! too special!), "exorcism" works (compositions written for the wrong cast, but given new purpose for 12-16 voices) or "walking dead" works of dead composers (professional deaths not included!).

PHØNIX16 is funded by the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe.