XelmYa / XelmYa+ (Alexa Renger - violin, Sylvia Hinz - recorder, Friederike Börnchen - oboe / cor anglais, Guests - violoncello) was founded in 2008.
One of their goals: to push, foster and develop the instrumentation of the baroque trio sonata into contemporary music and modern times. Since their formation, they performed numerous premieres composed especially for this instrumentation by e.g. Matthias Spahlinger (DE), Makiko Nishikaze (JP), Gunnar Karel Másson (IS), Luis Hilario Arévalo (MX), Arturo Corrales (SV), Tania Sikelianou (GR), Damian Barbeler
(AU), Zeynep Gedizlioglu (TR), and John Strieder (DE).

The promotion of contemporary music and music by female composers are two of the main topics of XelmYa. Sylvia holds contact with many international composers, and develops concepts and programmes for concerts, realised at e.g. the festival “Klangwerkstatt Berlin“ or the "spahlinger fest" in Chicago or the concert series „unerhoerte Musik“ or the series "TonalÁtonal" in Mexico or FAT CAT concerts in Berlin.
Exceptional: the project “CONTEMPORARY BACH!” Excerpts of „The art of Fugue“ by Johann Sebastian Bach, performed contrastive with contemporary pieces, and the programme “au coeur du silence” featuring works by female composers.