AsianArt Ensemble

The AsianArt Ensemble is unique in the world in its instruments and the type of music that it presents. Founded in 2009 the Ensemble already plays an important role in the musical landscape. The ensemble requires and opens new paths out of the stagnation of the new music in Central European-style without getting lost in the area of world music. It is rather on the way to create a "New Music of the World", which could be described with the words energetic, vital, direct but also delicate and sensitive.

The ensemble is dependent on newly composed music as no other formation since there is no repertoire on which it could rely on. The ensemble is therefore trying in his workshops for composers to show a direction that includes the characteristics of Asian instruments and their original music. This approach helps to obtain right from the beginning on a different music. The concert programs are extended with music that emphasize improvisational elements which allow the players to show their joy of playing and virtuosity.

A steady formation that merges instruments from China, Japan and Korea with European stringed instruments, has also - though not directly intended - a political dimension: In the three Asian countries so many, partly nationalist colored resentment are harbored against the neighbors that such an ensemble would be out of imagination. Berlin as a neutral place seems to have been a condition for the encountering. The AsianArt ensemble is thus a real Berliner Ensemble.