Unerhörte Musik

„Unerhörte Musik“ is Germany's only weekly concert series. With its
unique structure it is not only part of Berlins contemporary music life, but
also its first adress for the current producing. Its reputation is international
by now.

The concert series was founded in 1989 on the initiative of Rainer Rubbert
and Martin Daske, both composers from Berlin. Until 2014 it has been
financially supportet by the city's cultural administration.
In 2015 the support came from the Foundation Deutsche Klassenlotterie
Berlin. From 2016 on the financial support of the cultural administration of
Berlin continues (at least till 2019).

„Unerhörte Musik“ starts every Tuesday on 8:30 p.m. at BKA Theatre,
which is well- known for its cabaret and comedy shows. You can find it in
Kreuberg on Mehringdamm, right next to the famous „Curry 36“.

The main focus of „Unerhörte Musik's“ repertoire is on the end of twentieth
and of 21 century. There is a mix of solo musicians and ensembles. Most
of them are professional musicians from Berlin, but a lot of notable
ensembles from all over Germany and from abroad give their guest
performances. As a general rule they should also play pieces of
composers from Berlin. But considering the repertoire we give way to
programmes which cannot be realized in the concert establishment.

Once a month the musicians give a short introduction to
their program.

The curators are Rainer Rubbert and Martin Daske. Ten years ago we
called in an advisory board consisting at the moment of the trumpet player
Nathan Plante, and the two composers Maximilian Marcoll and Charlotte

„Unerhörte Musik“ has become an interface for performers, composers,
musicians who just moved to Berlin and of course for all those who are
interested in contemporary music.