So, 15/05/2022, 20:00 Uhr

Pony Says

performs Steven Takasugi and Jessie Marino

Doors 19:30 / Concert 20:00
Karl-Marx-Straße 28, Berlin

Pony Says performs Steven Takasugi's Die Klavierübung (2007-09/2022) for guitar, piano, drums and electronics and Jessie Marino's The Ideal Hour/Collages with Tom (2021/22) for voice and ensemble (with Jessie Marino)

PONY SAYS is a trio specializing in contemporary music and free improvisation. In addition to their main instruments (piano/keyboard, drums/e-drums, guitar/e-guitar), the three play ad-hoc instruments, control live electronics, and integrate light and video into their performance. Works commissioned by Pony Says are always created in close collaboration with composers and negotiate questions on diverse areas such as socio-cultural issues, this-ness, electronic music, pop culture, music with music, conceptualism, new discipline, and editing practices in new music. Improvisation is an integral part of the trio's work and serves to improve their interplay, expand their sound palette and develop new pieces; they also regularly improvise in concerts, on an equal footing with the interpretation of their own repertoire. The ensemble sound should be kept elastic, but by nature Pony Says prefer noisy, dense electronic textures with sound clichés and rhythmic fractures. (

STEVEN KAZUO TAKASUGI is a composer of electro-acoustic concert music. This involves the collecting and archiving of recorded, acoustic sound samples into large databases. These are then subjected to computer-assisted, algorithmic composition, revised and adjusted until the resulting emergent sound phenomena, energies, and relationships reveal hidden meanings and contexts to the composer. (

JESSIE MARINO is a composer, performer, and media artist whose work explores the repetition inside common activities, ritualistic absurdities, and the uncovering of nostalgic technologies. Much of Marino’s interdisciplinary compositional work eschews conventional instrumentation, with scores that ask performers to use their bodies—using precisely articulated gestures, facial expressions, and quotidian physical movements—both as an alternative and a complement to musical sounds. (

With support from Neustart Kultur, Initiative Musik gGmbH, and Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medie

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  • Karl-Marx Str. 28, Berlin