Manuel Miethe
Mi, 25/05/2022, 21:00 Uhr
Elektronische Musik / Konzert

Guido Möbius

a million magnets

Much of a million magnets, the new album by Guido Möbius, sounds as if the Berlin based musician has left the music to its own devices. As if he has given it space instead of closing it in and channelising. Little seems to be organised, reflected or calculated. Rather it booms and pulses and chugs and swells. So does the live version of this production. Hypnotic instrumentals, driven by minimal drum recordings played by Andrea Belfi. Möbius follows the pulse with guitar, trumpet, accordion and feedback, manupilating the sounds with live electronics on the fly. The result is a hybrid of dynamic drumming and abstract soundscapes. At times chopped up to restless staccatos, at times piled up to walls of sound.

  • Arkaoda
  • Karl Marx Platz 16, Berlin