Silvia Tarozzi & Deborah Walker by Sofi Hemon, Jane in Ether by Tony Elieh
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biegungen im ausland

Jane in Ether

Miako Klein – recorders / paetzold

Magda Mayas – piano

Biliana Voutchkova – violin, voice

The Berlin trio, founded in early 2019, is comprised of recorder player Miako Klein, pianist Magda Mayas and violinist Biliana Voutchkova. The three musicians are internationally renowned for their live shows and numerous recorded works in the fields of improvisation, contemporary music, and performance. Originating from independent musical backgrounds, genres, and styles, the trio concentrates on developing real time compositions exploring the dynamic and tonal possibilities of their respective instruments using uniquely unconventional extended techniques. The primary focus of the group resides in the variety of timbres that arise from the combination of instruments as they overlap or coexist side by side, on patiently creating fragile textures which hover on the edge of audibility only to spontaneously shift direction creating a dynamic space for dense clusters of noise or the sonic suspension of minimal tonal soundscapes.

Silvia Tarozzi & Deborah Walker:
Canti di guerra, di lavoro e d’amore
(songs of war, work and love)
A contemporary re-interpretation of female folksongs of northern Italy

Silvia Tarozzi - voice, violin
Deborah Walker- voice, cello

„We have been working for several years on transcriptions and reinterpretations of traditional folksongs from our birthplace, the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy.
These songs come from the first decades of the twentieth century and from the period of the
Second World War but some of them have older roots. The melodies and especially the lyrics have
been transformed over time through oral transmission and adapted to different social, working
and historical contexts. One of the strongest influences of our project is the repertory of choirs of
female rice-field workers, the “Mondine”, with their typical polyphony and powerful singing.
Women working and living in community during the months of the rice cleanse learn, develop and
share a vast and varied repertoire of songs; the most beautiful voice is naturally elected as a
soloist and all the others are the chorus. The timbre of voice is the right one for open spaces: a
call, a full-bodied voice. The sound tension pushes the singers to go up in pitch, so that the energy
increases verse after verse. The songs are the popular ones of the time, which everyone knows,
but new stanzas and new melodies are also created and an original repertoire is born.
In our music, the songs emerge through sounds far from tradition, rooted in contemporary
musical experimentation, alternating dissonances with melodic impulses, bruitisms with draperies
of impalpable harmonic sounds.
Through a game of reinventions and transformations, we translated the sound and stylistic
characteristics of this repertoire. Violin, cello and voice become the elements of a new choral
polyphony, in which they highlight certain aspects of the vocals or the structure of traditional
songs. The human and social history of those women concerns us closely: they are the stories of
our grandmothers, transmitted and heard at home, at village festivals or at school, when women
and men came to tell and sing to children their experiences of war and their life in the fields.
Today, further and further away from that time and from the choral work of the fields, we wish to
evoke a memory, to revive a tradition through a personal language. Touched by the evocative
power of these female voices and the strength of their community life experience, we sketch an
emotional territory where our relationship with the geographical coordinates and the history of
the region Emilia resonates with other sounds, other places.
Between oral and notated music, tradition is reinvented and transformed.“

Supported by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa

Jane in Ether

Miako Klein, Blockflöte / Pätzold
Magda Mayas, Klavier
Biliana Voutschkova, Violine, Stimme


Silvia Tarozzi & Deborah Walker

Deborah Walker, Stimme, Cello
Silvia Tarozzi, Stimme, Violine

- A contemporary re-interpretation of female folksongs of northern Italy

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