Peppi Guggenheim Bros
Fr, 21/01/2022, 20:00 Uhr
Komponierte Musik / Konzert

Thomas Hähnleins BALANCE

Thomas Hähnlein - Saxophon
Povel Widestrand - Keys
Christian Müller - Bass
Johannes Metzger - Drums

The music of Thomas Hähnleins new project „BALANCE“ is complex, provides sudden and unexpected changes and celebrates freedom. But it also employs simplicity, beauty and space. The delicate balance of these elements is combined with the bandleaders strong personal voice that is deeply rooted in the jazz tradition. His original compositions strive to spark the creativity of the band members and create an atmosphere of curiosity and exploration.

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  • Peppi Guggenheim
  • Weichselstr. 7, Berlin
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