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Mi, 10/11/2021, 19:30 Uhr
Elektronische Musik / Improvisation / Komponierte Musik

Orgel, Orgel, Orgel, Orgel, Orgel

During the course of the second week of November, the composer/organist Lauren Redhead will perform an identical program on five organs in different Berlin neighborhoods. The program consists of seven newly-commissioned works for organ and electronics.
On the one hand, the organ is a laboratory, permitting a tactile manipulation and experimentation with spectral and room-acoustical aspects of music making. The sound of the organ, at the same time, is fixed by its definite ritual and functional use. Writing new music for the organ is therefore a challenge, as composers are confronted with inflexible systems of meaning difficult to break open. The seven composers involved in this project each approach the instrument from the standpoint of her own working practice. This reveals itself in compositorial approaches involving, for example, rule-based systems, spatialized sound, sound synthesis or fictional ethnography.

  • Lin Yang: »Neues Werk« (2021, UA)
  • Lula Romero: »Neues Werk« (2021, UA)
  • Irene Galindo Quero: »Neues Werk« (2021, UA)
  • Fredrik Wallberg: »Neues Werk« (2021, UA)
  • Luc Döbereiner: »Neues Werk« (2021, UA)
  • Lauren Redhead: »Neues Werk« (2021, UA)
  • Uday Krishnakumar: »Neues Werk« (2021, UA)

Lauren Redhead, Orgel
Luc Döbereiner, Electronics
Alistair Zaldua, Electronics

  • Dauer: 1,20h
  • Pfarrkirche Weißensee
  • Berliner Allee 184, Berlin
  • Ticketpreis: 10€