Sa, 20/11/2021, 20:00 Uhr
Komponierte Musik


Andrea Belfi + Zinc & Copper | Ale Hop

Percussionist Andrea Belfi, like the brass ensemble Zinc & Copper, has been a fixture on the international experimental music scene for years. For the first time, they now present a collaboration at KONTRAKLANG – Belfi's work Eternally Frozen for brass, percussion and synthesizer. The idea for the work goes back to the legendary Deprong Mori, a mythical bat that was said to have the ability to fly through solid matter. It was not until 1952 that a scientist succeeded in capturing one of these bats in the South American rainforest and investigating it further; liquid lead was used in which – solidified into a block – the bat was »eternally frozen«. This image provided the inspiration for the piece. Belfi wrote music that focuses on acoustic phenomena and the creation of hypnotic soundscapes. His years of sonic research at the edges of the acoustic and electronic music worlds have been incorporated into it, as has the unique sound of Zinc & Copper, most recently heard at KONTRAKLANG together with organist Ellen Arkbro.
Ale Hop builds sound sculptures from pop fragments, field recordings and noise. In her concerts, she uses guitar, synthesizer and real-time sampling to create music that achieves immediate physical effects. The co-curator of the Radical Sounds of Latin America festival has released three solo albums to date. On them, she develops a signature in the interplay of melody and rhythm, melody and noise, thinking of musical confrontation as a condition for emotional intimacy. Even in her noisiest moments, Ale Hop remains approachable and poignant.

  • Einführung: Der Schlagzeuger Andrea Belfi ist ebenso wie das Blechbläserensemble Zinc & Copper seit Jahren eine feste Größe in der internationalen experimentellen Musikszene.
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