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Bezirksamt Pankow Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur

Projektförderung/ Stadtteilkultur

The Department of Art and Culture of the Pankow District Office supports current projects that are realised in the district, such as artistic, cultural and cultural-historical projects as well as cross-disciplinary, interdisciplinary and theme-oriented projects.

Funding criteria
Content and aims
The Department of Art and Culture of the Pankow District Office supports current projects that are realised in the district of Pankow and for which there is a justified public interest. Artistic, cultural and cultural-historical projects as well as interdisciplinary and theme-oriented projects are considered. A project is defined as the production or planning and realisation of temporary individual projects such as exhibitions, performances, workshops, symposia, including documentation or catalogue production in this context. The production of books and journal series is excluded from funding. Ongoing events are generally not funded, but may be supported in parts or individual projects.

Funding is conditional on the project in question having a certain quality - conceptually, aesthetically, artistically, socially-communicatively or also in terms of art education and cultural history. The respective project can be determined by different goals/intentions that contribute to the diversity and vitality of cultural life in the district. This includes the consideration of culturally disadvantaged districts and the support of self-determined cultural activities of the citizens living here as well as the support of young artists, experimental artistic positions and projects that contribute to the development and stabilisation of the cultural infrastructure.

Type / scope of funding
Grants are awarded within the framework of project funding. The amount and composition of the respective funding depends on the specific project, the overall application situation to be taken into account in terms of quantity and quality, and the funding available in the financial year in question. As a rule, the project grant should be applied for as a shortfall in the overall funding. Artists' stipends, work commissions, rents, operating costs, accommodation costs, daily allowances and the like are not covered. Institutional funding is excluded.

Artists, initiatives, project groups, associations and individuals are eligible to apply. Beneficiaries may be natural persons or legal entities.

The project must be realised in the district of Pankow. In accordance with budgetary regulations, only projects that have not yet begun and whose completion does not exceed the budget year in question can be funded.

Deadlines and awarding
Applications are to be made online and submitted in original form in parallel
by 15 October for the 1st half of the year or for year-round projects of the following year,
by 15 March for the 2nd half of the current year.
The deadline for submitting the original application by post is the following working day.

Information and advice:
Department of Art and Culture
Contact person:
Blanca González Galán, Tel.: (030) 90295-3810
(Office hours: Mon, 10.00-17.00; Wed, 12.00-17.00; Fri, 10.00-15.00)
Alexandra Heyden, Tel.: (030) 90295-3803
(Office hours: Mon-Fri, 10.00-14.00)

To the call for applications:

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