Fr, 15/10/2021, 23:45 Uhr

Infrastrukturförderung Freie Szene

Amt für Weiterbildung Kultur Pankow

The Fachberiech Kunst und Kultur uses infrastructure funding to support the organisational operations of independent art and cultural institutions in the district of Pankow that do not receive funding for venues. Technical and other movable acquisitions as well as qualifications and organisational consultations to structurally strengthen the institutions are made possible.

The next application deadline is Friday, 15 October 2021, and concerns measures that are to be realised in the financial year 2022.

Receipt in person or by post at the Department of Arts and Culture is decisive.

Please read the eligibility criteria and the application forms and documents provided at carefully and contact the department directly if you have any questions.

Funding criteria
Content and Objectives
The aim of the funding measure is to optimise the organisational operation of independent art and cultural institutions. The actors in the independent scene often work and finance themselves on a project basis. Within the project funding, equipment costs can rarely be accounted for, so that the prerequisites and working bases for funded projects often have to be created first through private funding. The district of Pankow benefits from the attractiveness and breadth of the independent art and culture scene and therefore has an intrinsic interest in its continuation and expansion. The additional funding instrument creates a supplement that supports structural development. On the one hand, technical and other movable acquisitions are made possible, on the other hand, qualifications and organisational consultations.

The use of the funds in the individual institutions should
contribute to an improvement in operational procedures / working conditions,
support the further qualification of the actors,
increase the attractiveness of the location/offerings for the public,
improve the infrastructural conditions for the participation of people with disabilities,
strengthen the cultural infrastructure of the independent scene in the district of Pankow.

Further information on the call for applications: