Fr, 20/08/2021, 19:00 Uhr
Echtzeitmusik / Klangkunst / Sound Art / Komponierte Musik / Konzert

Music For The Cosmos

Music for the cosmos is an outdoor summer series that takes place at the riverside behind our space. This area has a unique acoustic quality and a peaceful, open atmosphere where we will showcase international artists in the fields of new music, experimental, jazz and folk, from July to September.
This year we have been funded by Neustart Kultur, Initiative Musik, which has allowed us to step up the quality of our concerts. Thanks to the funding, we have a new quadraphonic PA system for indoor shows and powerful outdoor speakers

Balkan Folk Music

Anil Eraslan, Cello
Cello Mikail Yakut, Accordion
Hogir Göregen, Percussion

  • Dauer: 03:00h
  • Petersburg Art Space PAS
  • Kaiserin Augusta Allee 101, Hof Aufgang II, Berlin
  • Barrierefreiheit: motorische Einschränkungen / kognitive Einschränkungen