Tom Roelofs
Sa, 03/07/2021, 18:30 Uhr
Komponierte Musik / Konzert / Performance

Kiezsalon at Bärenzwinger

Kiezsalon w/ Robyn Schulkowsky, Jozef van Wissem, & Liam Byrne

→A lifelong innovator and collaborator, and an active musician on five continents, Robyn Schulkowsky has dedicated herself to revealing the wonders of percussion to people around the world. Her continuous exploration of new sound dimensions has led to the development of new and unusual musical instruments. She has premiered and recorded some of the most important solo percussion works of the 20th and 21st centuries, working with composers Karlheinz Stockhausen, Iannis Xenakis, and Morton Feldman, collaborating with artists such as legendary African drummer Kofi Ghanaba.
→Liam Byrne plays very old and very new music on the viola da gamba, a 17th-century bowed string instrument like a guitar crossed with a cello. The instrument itself has an inherent sense of timeless melancholy and introspection, which is an aesthetic thread running throughout Liam's work. David Lang, Donnacha Dennehy, Nico Muhly, Greg Saunier, Valgeir Sigurðsson, and Edmund Finnis are all among the composers who've written new works for him. He has also performed with Damon Albarn, Efterklang, Mugison, Iarla Ó Lionáird, Martin Hayes, and Cleek Schrey. He is a member of the Icelandic artist collective and record label Bedroom Community, with whom he released his debut solo album Concrete in May 2019.
→Jozef van Wissem is an avant-garde composer and lutenist playing his all black, one-of-a-kind custom-made baroque lute all around the world. He switched the intense lifestyle of a new wave artist and bar owner from Groningen to a modern-age thinker who studied lute in New York, becoming one of the most influential contemporary songwriters, known for his solo and cinematic works. In 2013 van Wissem won the Cannes Soundtrack Award at the Cannes Film Festival for Jim Jarmusch’s 'Only Lovers Left Alive'. Van Wissem has earned much critical acclaim for his work, the ‘liberation of the lute’ as he calls it. According to The Quietus, “Van Wissem is possibly the best known lute player in the western world… such is the intense quality of the music. Brevity, simplicity, directness is the key.”

Robyn Schulkowsky, Percussion
Jozef van Wissem, Lute
Liam Byrne, Viola da Gamba

We have invited Liam Byrne for a viola da gamba concert, American percussionist and composer Robyn Schulkowsky, plus the Berlin premiere of Dutch minimalist and lute player Jozef van Wissem.

  • Einführung: Our 2nd Kiezsalon of 2021 is another open air special. We are hosting 3 shows in the surreal setting of the Bärenzwinger at Köllnischer Park.
  • Dauer: 03:00h
  • Bemerkungen zum Ort: The former bear pit of the Bärenzwinger at Köllnischer Park currently serves as a cultural venue for site-specific contemporary art in Mitte, having once housed Berlin's heraldic animals until as recently as 2015.