METAL ILLUSION by Lothar Fietzek
Fr, 11/06/2021, 20:00 Uhr
Echtzeitmusik / Elektronische Musik / Improvisation / Klangkunst / Sound Art

Metal Illusion – Vandeweyer/ Okuda

[Stream] biegungen im ausland [strömungen]

Metal Illusion
Els Vandeweyer – vibraphone, percussion, visuals
Rieko Okuda – piano, electronics, visuals

Live stream on the ausland youtube channel:

Metal Illusion is the duo project of vibraphonist and visual artist Els Vandeweyer and the pianist and sound artist Rieko Okuda. Since 2016 they have been performing in small clubs in Berlin, combining objects and sounds with physical movement.

Metal Illusion incorporates installations, dolls, costumes, a 25-meter textile collage score, light and film fragments. They create a world where dragons rule, a realm where metal debris comes to life or an underworld where fish have their fun. Each performance creates a new story, inspired by the space and the new techniques they investigate. The music is the result of movement. The light creates illusions.

Supported by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa


Els Vandeweyer, Vibraphon, Perkussion, Visuals
Rieko Okuda, Klavier, Elektronik, Visuals

  • ausland
  • Lychener Str. 60, Berlin
  • Bemerkungen zum Ort: aus dem ausland / Konzert findet nur online als live-stream statt:
  • Barrierefreiheit: Sehbehinderung und Blindheit / motorische Einschränkungen / Hörbehinderung / kognitive Einschränkungen