Mira Mann (c) Thomas Gothier, Rosaceae (c) Katja Ruge
Sa, 12/06/2021, 20:00 Uhr
Elektronische Musik / Klangkunst / Sound Art

Mira Mann und Rosaceae

im Rahmen des 22. poesiefestival berlin

Audiovisual works by Rosaceae and Mira Mann | Hosted by: Kristoffer Cornils

Both the poet and music producer Mira Mann and Rosaceae, a music project of Leyla Yenirce, work aesthetically and in their content with boundaries and borders, albeit only with their artistic and thematic transgression. Mira Mann uses her poetry, to date published in two collections, as the basis for Spoken Word performances which are framed by confrontational sound art. Rosaceae works with elements of Noise and Ambient Music, using speech samples and self-made texts which are installed in multi-layered soundscapes. The main themes include figurations of resistance and a confrontation with the sound aspects of military, media and cultural structures of dominance. Mira Mann and Rosaceae introduce their productions then discuss them in interviews afterwards.

Mira Mann


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