gamut inc / Marion Wörle
Fr, 02/07/2021, 20:00 Uhr
Musiktheater / Oper

PYTHO #2 - His Master`s Voice

Eine Musiktheaterskizze von gamut inc, Ensemble O & Ruben Renier

A space-sound choreography by and with gamut inc, Ruben Renier and Ensemble O.

When the former silent movie theater Delphi opened in the 1920s, people did not know sound boards as they are common today. Recordings were usually made with only one microphone, and volume mixing was achieved by a spatial arrangement of the players: the closer a musician stood to the microphone, the louder he was present in the recording - and vice versa.

"His Master ́s Voice" takes up the idea of linking spatial distance with volume. Together with choreographer Ruben Reniers and the four singers of Ensemble O, gamut inc develops a space-sound choreography. The title of the new music theater sketch from the gamut inc's PYTHO series refers to the historical record label of the same name, whose worldwide known logo depicts the dog Nipper listening to an Edison phonograph.

Pytho, that's how the city of Delphi, world-famous for its oracle, was once called after the great earth dragon Python. In the music theater series of the same name, the retro-futuristic ensemble gamut inc develops staged concerts and music theater situations in cooperation with artists of various genres. The four short, sketchy music theater ideas each reflect a formative aspect of Theater im Delphi. Dates: PYTHO #1 - June 11, 2021 | PYTHO #2 - July 2 with Ensemble O and Ruben Reniers | PYTHO #3 - December 03 & 04, 2021 with with Zinc & Copper

PYTHO #2 will be streamed on the Theatre im Delphi YouTube channel and the website.

Funded in the #TakeAction program of Fonds Darstellende Künste and initiative neue musik berlin e. V.

gamut inc (Marion Wörle, Maciej Sledziecki), Konzept, Inszenierung
Ruben Reniers, Choreographie
Dora Osterloh, Maika Küster, Friederike Merz, Cansu Tanrikulu, Stimme
Olivia Oyama, Klangregie
Anke Bruns, Kostüm
Anne Luft, Anja Simon, Videodokumentation

Eine Raum-Klang-Choreographie von und mit gamut inc, Ruben Reniers und Ensemble O - im Stream.

  • Dauer: 00:45h
  • Theater im Delphi
  • Gustav-Adolf-Straße 2, Berlin
  • Ticketpreis: Eintritt frei