gamut inc / Marion Wörle
Fr, 11/06/2021, 20:00 Uhr
Komponierte Musik / Musiktheater / Oper

PYTHO #1 - Carousel

Eine Musiktheaterskizze von gamut inc & Michael Vorfeld

A music theatre sketch for Kodak slide projectors and synthesizer.
Inspired by the essential machine for the former silent movie theater Delphi - the film projector - an evening is created in which the images learn to run again. A larger-than-life machine made of digitally automated Kodak Carousel slide projectors is installed in the auditorium. The resulting apparatus evokes associations with the Dream Machine developed by Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs. gamut inc and Michael Vorfeld jointly develop a hypnotic soundtrack from the sounds of the projectors, synthesizer and Michael Vorfeld's self-made string and percussion instruments.
Pytho, that's how the city of Delphi, world-famous for its oracle, was once called after the great earth dragon Python. In the music theater series of the same name, the retro-futuristic ensemble gamut inc develops staged concerts and music theater situations in cooperation with artists of various genres. The four short, sketchy music theater ideas each reflect a formative aspect of Theater im Delphi. Dates: PYTHO #1 - June 11, 2021 | PYTHO #2 - July 2 with Ensemble O and Ruben Reniers | PYTHO #3 - December 03 & 04, 2021 with with Zinc & Copper
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gamut inc (Marion Wörle, Maciej Sledziecki), Konzept, Musik, Inszenierung, Licht, Kodak-Carousel-Diaprojektoren
Michael Vorfeld, Musik, Inszenierung, Licht, Kodak-Carousel-Diaprojektoren
Anton Krause, Entwicklung Steuermodule
Anke Bruns, Kostüme
Anja Simon, Anne Luft, Videodokumentation

Eine Musiktheaterskizze für Kodak-Diaprojektoren und Synthesizer - im Stream.

  • Dauer: 00:45h
  • Theater im Delphi
  • Gustav-Adolf-Straße 2, Berlin
  • Ticketpreis: Eintritt frei