Julia Schäfer
Fr, 18/06/2021, 20:00 Uhr
Klangkunst / Sound Art / Komponierte Musik / Performance

Pony Says | Capsules |

The project "Pony Says | Capsules |" is a concert performance based on the cooperation of the ensemble Pony Says with the composers Neo Hülcker and Ui-Kyung Lee. The pivot point of the project is a new piece composed by Neo Hülcker, which explores the social aspects of the corona pandemic such as distance, contact and communication in a playful manner and conveys itself on a performative, multimedia and chamber musical level. A second central piece in the program is a concert installation of Ui-Kyung Lee. Your Listening is our Jouissance (2018) rejuvenates the relationship between music and audience in which the acoustic situation of a room is modified by three performers and stimulates outwards, the audience assuming a central role: its noise is the musical material to be modified . With "ASMR * Contemporary Music Ensemble is another work of Neo Hülcker on the program, which deals with the digital trend ASMR. All three works are moving on a narrow degree between silence, action and sound and also ask the question of the Relationship of hearing and seeing.

  • Neo Hülcker: (UA)
  • Neo Hülcker: »ASMR«
  • Ui-Kyung Lee: »Your Listening is our Jouissance« (2019)

Pony Says

Thilo Ruck, E-Gitarre + Ad Hoc
Felix Nagl, Keyboard + Ad Hoc
Lucas Gerin, Drums + Ad Hoc

Das Projekt “Pony Says | Capsules |” ist eine Konzert-Performance, die auf der Zusammenarbeit des Ensembles Pony Says mit den Komponisten* Neo Hülcker und Ui-Kyung Lee basiert.


  • Dauer: 1:00h, Pausen: keine