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Arbeits- und Recherchestipendien Ernste Musik

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Increase of 6.5 million euros in Berlin's scholarship programmes for artists in 2021
Press release 23.03.2021

The State of Berlin will award approx. 800 additional work and research scholarships in 2021 from funds for Corona aid measures in 2021. The funds will mainly be used to increase the existing scholarship programmes.
The amount of all additional scholarships to be awarded is based on the specifications of the respective programmes and ranges from 2,000 - 8,000 €.
The additional funds will be used for the awarding of further scholarships in the already running awarding procedures Women's Film/Video and Jazz as well as Work and Research Scholarships Serious Music and Research Scholarship Visual Arts. The application deadline is 8.4.2021.

Further information:

Target group / Purpose of funding
Funding is provided to professional artists working in the fields of New Music or sound art (composition, sound art, interpretation, curating).

Eligibility and conditions
Stipends are awarded to artists who have won recognition for the quality of their work and are able to verify this with their portfolio.
Artists applying to this programme must provide proof that they have completed a professional qualification within the arts and/or evidence of their professional artistic activities in the field of New Music or sound art over several years.
Applicants to this programme must live and work in Berlin.
Artists holding passports from non-EU member states are only eligible to apply if they hold a valid residency permit which qualifies them for self-employment.
Applicants may not be enrolled at a higher education institution.

Funding volume
As a rule, a stipend of €12,000 will be awarded to successful applicants. However, applications for a funding amount of €8,000 can be made as well.

Call for applications
A call for applications to this programme is usually issued in November of each year for the following year.
Application procedure
Please refer to the current version of the programme flyer (in German) for detailed information on submitting an application.