Mi, 14/04/2021, 01:00 Uhr

Berliner Projektfonds Urbane Praxis

The fund offers the opportunity to creatively shape the city independent of profit motivations.

The fund is geared to all artists and cultural workers in Berlin and is especially focused on initiatives, communities, and individuals who have traditionally been excluded from funding due to (intersectional) discrimination.

The projects should not be made for specific actors and communities, but by and with them. The regular funding amount is 10,000 - 60,000 € per project. For the removal of barriers to inclusion and for larger construction projects, up to 120,000 € can be awarded. Projects of this sort must be accompanied with the typical budgets and plans.

Projects from the fields of art and culture as well as interdisciplinary approaches related to urban space will also be funded. Local actors should be involved, such as neighborhood initiatives and associations, district centers, community associations, small stores, handicraft businesses, etc. In addition to projects, processes and conceptual phases are also eligible. These could be workshops with the goal of collaborative project development or open residency formats.

All art and culture professionals based in Berlin are eligible to apply: freelancers, independent groups and collectives, artistic institutions and cultural institutions, associations and limited liability companies. Projects can start from mid-May 2021. The grant period ends on December 31, 2021.