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Reisezuschüsse für Auslandsvorhaben

Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa

  • Start der Ausschreibung: laufend
  • Bewerbungsschluss: 02. Mai 2022
  • Entscheidung: Juni 2022

Target group / Purpose of funding

Under this programme, funding is provided for travel and transportation expenses incurred in connection with outstanding projects undertaken abroad. Travel allowances are available for projects by individual artists, groups, ensembles and institutions of all disciplines and genres undertaken in cooperation with a suitable foreign partner active in international cultural exchange. Funding is provided to projects of limited duration, including e.g. exhibitions, concerts, and guest performances.

Eligibility and conditions

  • Funding is provided for travel and transportation expenses incurred in connection with projects undertaken abroad by professional artists.
  • There should be a reasonable expectation that the project will lead to the establishment of long-term contacts.
  • Evidence must be presented documenting the active involvement of local partners.
  • The project must be scheduled for the specified funding year.
  • Work may not commence on the project’s implementation prior to notification of the funding decision. Expenses incurred prior to this are not eligible for funding under this programme.
  • Artists applying to this programme must live and work in Berlin.
  • Not eligible are: pure artists-in-residence programs, work, research and study abroad stays, and projects conducted abroad without local cooperation partners.
  • Applicants holding passports from non-EU Member States are only eligible to apply if they hold a valid residency permit which qualifies them for self-employment.

Funding volume

Funding is provided for travel and transportation expenses. Per diem and overnight accomodation are not eligible for funding.

Call for applications

Allowances are granted twice annually through this programme. Applications must be submitted by 2 May for the current year and 1 November for the following year.

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