Mo, 01/05/2023, 23:59 Uhr

Impuls neue Musik

Ein deutsch-französisch-schweizerischer Fonds für zeitgenössische Musik

Impuls neue Musik promotes outstanding music projects that contribute to the exchange between the German-speaking and Francophone linguistic and cultural areas. Through its support, the fund networks the contemporary music scenes in Germany, France and Switzerland.

With their plurality and diversity of languages and dialects, landscapes and traditions, commonalities and contrasts in politics, economics and culture, these two linguistic and cultural areas each shape the European continent in their own way. Impuls neue Musik supports new music artists who operate in this cultural space and want to explore new and unusual paths. The fund facilitates workshops of ideas in which composers, musicians, performers and organisers explore this space of possibilities in order to arrive at transnational projects - in the sense of transcending national borders, genres and formats - that make the idea of exchange between cultures a concrete reality. Thus, it is not only about the performance of contemporary works from the respective other culture, but about a profound dialogue. Impuls neue Musik also has a decisive influence on creative work in France, Germany and Switzerland through the funding of commissioned works.