Mi, 31/03/2021, 01:00 Uhr

Call for Projects

rbbKultur - Kunst im Bau

rbbKultur invites to an artistic reflection on Europe's oldest broadcasting house
90 Years of the Haus des Rundfunks
The birthday of a unique broadcasting house is an occasion for rbbKultur to invite regional artists and cultural workers to apply for an art project in Berlin's Haus des Rundfunks by 31 March 2021.
The Haus des Rundfunks is also a place of art and culture. Concerts, readings, radio play productions and exhibitions regularly take place here. rbbKultur sees itself not only as a cultural reporter on radio, television, online and social media but also as a cultural producer and partner for the creative scene in the region. In this way, the program would like to offer artists commissions and a very special stage in these difficult times for creative artists. Creative artists from all disciplines are invited to engage with the architecture and history(s) of the building. From compositions for the staircase to paternoster performances, from audio or video installations to research drawings and concerts. For further information on the competition and initial inspiration in sound and vision, please visit rbbkultur.de.
The call is open to artists, ensembles or creative artists who live in Berlin or Brandenburg and are interested in dealing with this unique place and its unique history and architecture in dance, performance, music, painting, literature or audio-visual form.

Further information: https://www.field-notes.berlin/en/festivals/54722/counselling/55880/funding/56246/rbb-kunst-im-bau

Application deadline: 31 March 2021
You can apply by 31 March with a sketch of your ideas (1 DinA4 page) and your CV by e-mail with files or links: kunstimbau [at] rbbkultur.de