Peter Gannushkin
Fr, 28/05/2021, 20:00 Uhr
Improvisation / Konzert

Trio LDP & Thomas Lehn

Improvisation International

The adventure of improvisation is seldom shown quite plainly as with this trio. For nearly 20 years, saxophonist Urs Leimgruber, pianist Jacques Demierre and double bassist Barre Phillips have been trying to bring their stupendous music of the moment to life in a different and surprising way. In doing so, they enter into sonic realms that often surprise them themselves. The trio has its fans at the relevant locations and festivals worldwide. Anyone who has been following their work for years is amazed at how they repeatedly sharpen our perceptions with their endless track.
In 2017, the trio performed in the course of various residences in Europe (Geneva, Toulon, Lucerne, Zurich, Willisau, Budapest) with illustrious guests. Already in Willisau they had a top musician on board with the virtuoso of the analog synthesizer Thomas Lehn. His electronics fit seamlessly into the pure expression of this trio. With him it is now for two concerts on residence in the exploratorium. They continue their practice of listening (see Listening, their latest album at Lenka lente) by inviting musicians from each region of the residence to a musical encounter, expanding the trio’s cast, and creating evening programs to enhance the experience of hearing from the moment to experience together.
For the concert on May 30, next to Thomas Lehn, the violinist Biliana Voutchkova and the drummer Tony Buck are added.
May 28: Trio LDP & Thomas Lehn
May 29: Trio LDP: Masterclass Free Improvisation
May 30: Trio LDP & Thomas Lehn, Biliana Voutchkova, Tony Buck

Trio LDP & Thomas Lehn

Urs Leimgruber (CH), Saxofon
Jacques Demierre (CH), Klavier
Barre Phillips (US/FR), Kontrabass
Thomas Lehn (DE/AT), Synthesizer

Das Abenteuer Improvisation wird einem selten so eindringlich vor Ohren geführt wie mit diesem Trio. Seit bald 20 Jahren treten Saxofonist Urs Leimgruber, Pianist Jacques Demierre und Kontrabassist Barre Phillips zusammen auf.

  • Dauer: 02:00h
  • exploratorium berlin
  • Mehringdamm 55 (Sarotti-Höfe), 10961 , Berlin
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