Adam Starkie | Foto: Gregory Massat
Di, 26/01/2021, 20:00 Uhr
Komponierte Musik / Konzert



"Any number of persons sit in a circle facing the center. illuminate the space with dim blue light. Begin by simply observing your own breathing. Always be an observer." (excerpt of “Sonic Meditation “teach yourself to fly” by Pauline Oliveros” )

This concert begins by inviting the public to participate in collective meditation - an excerpt of "Sonic Meditations" by Pauline Olivares. In the same way that meditation brings us back to ourselves through breathing, the pieces in this program take to musicians back to the fundamentals of their instruments: the breath and the bow. This programme includes the premiere of two new pieces commissioned by lovemusic by Violet Cruz and David Bird.

  • Pauline Oliveros: »Sonic Meditation 1 Teach Yourself to Fly« with audience participation (1974)
  • Violetta Cruz: »New Piece« für Flöte, Klarinette, Violine, Violoncello und Objekte (2021, UA)
  • Sivan Cohen Elias: »Air Pressure« für Flöte, Klarinette, Violine und Violoncello (2010)
  • Hollie Harding: »By breath and bow« für Flöte, Klarinette, Violine und Violoncello (2017)
  • Noriko Baba: »Non canonic variations« für Flöte, Klarinette, Violine und Violoncello (2011)
  • David Bird: »Cove« für Flöte, Klarinette und Violoncello (2021, UA)
  • Chris Swithinbank: »local bond« für Violine, Violoncello und 2 Assistenten mit Objekten (2015)

Collective lovemusic

Emiliano Gavito, Flöte
Adam Starkie, Klarinette
Winnie Huang, Violine
Lola Malique, Violoncello

  • BKA-Theater
  • Mehringdamm 34, Berlin
  • Barrierefreiheit: Sehbehinderung und Blindheit / motorische Einschränkungen
  • Ticketpreis: 13.- / 9.- Euro
  • Kartenvorbestellung: 20 22 007
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