David Kilagöz
Sa, 10/10/2020, 20:00 Uhr
Konzert / Open Stage

Liz Kosack / snakesoda

In June the album “Hidden Links” by snakesoda was released on the newly founded label fluessig. The ten-year exchange between the pianist Rahel Hutter and the multi-instrumentalist Niklas Kraft culminates in a hodgepodge of eclectic, electronic and analogue sound textures that meander around hypnotic text fragments. Hutter’s and Kraft’s origins in improvisation and experimental music are expanded in “Hidden Links” by a wide range of musical influences: From electronics, bass music, trip-hop, but also psychedelic and pop, a unique, exciting design emerges, which despite its many facets is able to get to the point.

Liz Kosack’s various collaborative projects are rooted in jazz and improvisation. In her solo project, the composer and pianist works on synthesizers and keyboards, creating sound worlds that question typical genre parameters. Kosack expands her performances with visuals and self-made masks. The co-founder of the Berlin KIM collective was honoured with the renowned SWR Jazz Award in 2019 for her new impulses within the German jazz scene.


  • Dauer: 90minh
  • HAU1
  • Stresemannstraße 29, Berlin