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So, 08/11/2020, 16:00 Uhr
Diskurs / Performance

Rest Assured. Bodi No Be Fayawood

Jazzfest Berlin 2020

The last weeks, the last months, the last years have been exhausting. Indeed some existences – especially for Black and Brown people in certain societies – are exacting and debilitating. The struggles seem to be endless. Continuously, we are reminded of the fact that our breaths or the mere act of breathing, for some, is in a permanent state of precarity.

Breathe. Rest. Refuel.

With all the pressures, and the wish to stand our grounds in the face of adversities, we forget to retreat, to find ways of rejuvenation, to rehabilitate, to recoil. How do we stand our grounds, how do we fight back in contexts of prolonged adversity?

Breathe. Rest. Refuel.

“Rest Assured. Bodi No Be Fayawood” is an effort to take a break. To rest. It is an opportunity to claim the right to retreat as a possibility of invigoration. To breathe. In times when being and breathing, when walking, working, playing while black remains perilous, we need to create spaces in which we can find solace, sanctuaries of and for resuscitation. In an unprecedented collaboration with Jazzfest Berlin, the independent art space SAVVY Contemporary will create an island of radical care, of being and breathing for and with Black and Brown musicians, artists and theorists. After two days of encounters and regeneration, the artists will open up their exchange to the public in an INVOCATION of and on the poetics and precarity of breath with music, performances, lectures, and storytelling.

Breathe. Rest. Refuel.

SAVVY Contemporary in cooperation with Jazzfest Berlin


  • silent green Kulturquartier
  • Gerichtstr. 35, Berlin
  • Ticketpreis: Eintritt frei; bitte buchen Sie ein kostenloses Ticket um teilzunehmen. Erhältlich ab 16. Oktober.