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Fr, 06/11/2020, 22:00 Uhr

Craig Taborn’s New Trio // Y-Otis

Jazzfest Berlin 2020

The audience in the silent green can experience the concert tandems of Jazzfest Berlin – New York in two parts, a live concert and a multi-channel audio-visual broadcast from Roulette in New York.

Livestream from New York

Craig Taborn’s New Trio
Over a career stretching back more than 25 years the keyboardist Craig Taborn – a trusted colleague of Roscoe Mitchell, Chris Potter, William Parker and Peter Evans, among others – has regularly demonstrated a commitment to collective music-making even when his name tops the marquee. He’s applied his stylistic range, internal curiosity and dazzling technical imagination toward projects that tend to conjure unique, highly interactive ecosystems privileging an ensemble approach over the soloist, although anyone who’s heard his ravishing solo piano work knows what a phenomenal instrumentalist he is. This exciting new trio configuration with drummer Ches Smith – whose own Bell Trio, with Mat Maneri, features Taborn – and cellist Tomeka Reid explores a new set of groove-oriented compositions in which each musician twines melodic and rhythmic roles, harking back to the most hypnotic excursions of Sun Ra. Taborn doubles on acoustic and electric pianos, unleashing a spray of percussive clusters, glassy runs and loop shapes, shadowed and pierced by Reid’s sinuous cello and Smith’s sparkling polyrhythms (and occasional glockenspiel melodies).

Craig Taborn piano
Tomeka Reid cello
Ches Smith drums

Live on stage in Berlin

Longtime fellow travellers Otis Sandsjö and Petter Eldh are the Swedish powerhouse behind many outstanding projects such as Speak Low or Koma Saxo, projects which carry the Berlin-sound far beyond Germany’s borders and out into the world. In Y-Otis, they are committed to a combination of jazz improv and post hip-hop production techniques. Their second album “Y-Otis 2”, released recently on the Finnish label we jazz, once again created furore internationally. They achieved a new apotheosis with the group’s seamless melding of hyper-tuneful, liquid melodies within beats that stutter, fracture, and groove. Eldh’s versatility makes him a coveted collaborator. He has worked with Django Bates, Kit Downes, Christian Lillinger and Kaja Draksler, just to name a few. Eldh explored similar territory as the architect of Koma Saxo, where his production transforms a three-saxophone front line (which includes Sandsjö) into sonic raw material. In Y-Otis, however, the fusion of electronic beats and textures and organic horn improvisations is built from the ground up. Drummer Tilo Weber produces beats that would leave any drum machine overheated, taking cues from hip-hop and dub while retaining an elastic, shape-shifting conception of time. Eldh’s sounds and keyboardist Dan Nicholls’ crisscrossing synth patterns and samples fashion a cosy yet propulsive platform for Sandsjö’s sleek, R&B-drenched lines. Y-Otis deconstruct, splinter and recombine the hip-hop genre, creating a virtuoso blend of styles. The group will premiere its new repertoire, both live and online at the Jazzfest Berlin.

Otis Sandsjö saxophone
Petter Eldh electric bass, electronics/MPC
Tilo Weber drums
Dan Nicholls synth

These concerts are part of Jazzfest Berlin – New York


  • silent green Kulturquartier
  • Gerichtstr. 35, Berlin
  • Ticketpreis: 15 € / ermäßigt 12 €