Sa, 05/09/2020, 19:00 Uhr
Elektronische Musik / Klangkunst / Sound Art / Performance


Skulpturale Konzepte in Choreografie und Musik

The Sculpture Festival, which will take place as a series (September 2020, January 2021, May 2021) in the Georg Kolbe Museum in Berlin, focuses on an unusual artistic aspect: the sculptural in the time-based arts of choreography and music. The festival series starts in September with a sensational line-up, the participation of Sasha Waltz, the duo Institut für Feinmotorik, Robyn Schulkowsky, Ola Maciejewska, Grischa Lichtenberger and Scott Jennings.

The Sculpture Festival curatorially spans an arc between internationally renowned artists and very young positions, inviting sound artists and choreographers to re-interpret the concept of sculpture:

What does a contemporary dance sculpture look like, what does a sound sculpture sound like? Sculpture Festival demonstrates how the understanding of sculpture has changed over time. New works will be created for the event, which will stimulate the current discourse in contemporary art.The series encompasses the exhibition “Der Absolute Tanz”, which will open at the Georg Kolbe Museum in January 2021. The exhibition and the festival are directly related to each other and aim to initiate a vivid discussion.

In the experimental frame of the festival, choreographers are juxtaposed with sound artists who show their conceptual positions. They are "exhibited" in parallel as "temporary sculptures" – just like in an exhibition, direct substantive and formal cross-references can be made between the artistic statements. Historical lines are partially reflected and new works are created that have been developed exclusively for the Sculpture Festival.

Sasha Waltz has designed a new choreographic work for 3 dancers entitled: „Skulptur 1".
This work meets the artistic position of the duo Institut für Feinmotorik, who works with 8 tuned-up record players. The artists were awarded the Karl Sczuka Prize for their radio play „Die 50 Skulpturen des Instituts für Feinmotorik“.

In addition, concepts from Loie Fuller and Marcel Duchamp come together in a contemporary discussion. The renowned American percussionist Robyn Schulkowski plays with the idea of Duchamp's “Sculpture Musicale” and encounters the work "Loie Fuller: Research" by young choreographer Ola Maciejewska from Paris.

The electronic musician Grischa Lichtenberger designs a work inspired by the sparse sounds of the compositions of early "Ausdruckstanz", “using sounding” objects together with the choreographer and dancer Scott Jennings, a long-time member of the Pina Bausch Company.

The opening event on September 5, 2020 aims to bring together different audiences interested in choreography, sound and visual arts. The large sculpture garden of the Kolbe Museum is an ideal space for this event - it invites the audience to enjoy a summer party afterwards, which interested parties who did not receive any of the limited tickets, can also join with free admission.

The festival, which was supposed to be held at the beginning of the Corona period in spring, is now taking place in an even more exclusive setting with fewer spectators. However, there will be a comprehensive catalogue with pictures and texts covering the festival and the exhibition. Detailed online documentation of the project will also be provided after the event.

The place

The content orientation of the Georg Kolbe Museum as a former sculptor's studio from the 1920s makes it the ideal venue for sculpture. The festival will find a resonant space for the productions in the clear, Bauhaus-style architecture of the museum. The sculptor Georg Kolbe described himself as an enthusiastic supporter of the art of dance. Fascinated by the body in moving concentration, dancers were his ideal models, e.g., he worked with Vaclav Nijinsky, Charlotte Bara and Gret Palucca. In the park, visible from the large windows of the historic studio hall, there are numerous bronze sculptures by Georg Kolbe, as well as the “dancer fountain” in the garden.

The exhibition, “The Absolute Dance. Dancers of the Weimar Republic.” will be shown at the Georg Kolbe Museum from January 22nd to May 24th.

Concept and curation / choreography: Carolin Brandl.
Curation / music: Hanno Leichtmann.
Funded by Spartenoffene Förderung der Senatsverwaltung Kultur und Europa.


Sasha Waltz, Choreographie
Institut für Feinmotorik, Präparierte Plattenspieler


Kat Válastur , Choreographie
Robyn Schulkowsky, Schlagwerk


Scott Jennings, Choreographie
Grischa Lichtenberger, Elektronik, Objekte

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