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Do, 03/09/2020, 20:00 Uhr
Elektronische Musik / Komponierte Musik / Konzert / Performance

UpToTen – chimaeras

Auftakt der neuen Konzerttrilogie des ensemble mosaik

In summer, ensemble mosaik will start its new concert series "UpToTen" in the Kesselhaus at the Kulturbrauerei Berlin. For the trilogy, works for up to ten performers were commissioned from composers, performers and artists. In the opening concert "chimaeras" on September 3rd, 2020, the ensemble will continue its cooperation with the composers Orm Finnendahl and Chatschatur Kanajan, the sound artist Liping Ting and the duo Elena Rykova / María Korol in new works that combine the sounding with the visible.

"UpToTen - chimaeras" was planned as an installation in which the works could be presented on various stages and discovered like an exhibition by the audience. In order to ensure the necessary safety distances, we are now turning this initial situation around and letting musicians and media model the space. For the concert, four works will be created that interweave and merge visual and sound levels. In these works, inanimate elements develop a life of their own and individuals combine to form collective bodies of work.
The swarms of sound that Orm Finnendahl creates in his new work are reflected in the room in light projections that the ensemble can control and model via its instruments. Chatschatur Kanajan composes a "cantata of light" that interlinks conspiracy theories with sounds and literally illuminates them with a light organ. Liping Ting describes her new work as "a mapping moving score for instruments and their breathing voices". She lets the ensemble with which she herself performs become a live sound score that invites the listener to explore the environment. Together with the artist María Korol, the composer Elena Rykova continues their joint studies on complementary colours: the musicians mix in pairs in the powerful play of colours in Korol's projected image animations.

For the second trilogy concert "UpToTen - codices" on December 16th, 2020, the actor and speaker Jakob Diehl, baritone Fabian Hemmelmann and author and voice performer Michael Lentz are invited as guests. Under the motto text and language they will present, together with the ensemble mosaik, new works by Sebastian Claren, Irene Galindo Quero, Enno Poppe / Wolfgang Heiniger / Michael Lentz and Martin Schüttler. At the finale of "UpToTen" on February 9th, 2021, new compositions by Marco Döttlinger, Malte Giesen, Hanna Hartman and Stefan Streich on the subject of special instruments will be heard under the title "constructions".

The works created for "UpToTen" are based on the shared experiences of the ensemble members, composers and artists: In preparation for this, small-scale experiments were carried out within the framework of the ensemble mosaik’s workshop festival. The fourth edition of the festival will take place under the title "UpToThree - augmented" on August 1, 2020 at Acker Stadt Palast in Berlin, and will be both our season's opening and our return from the concert break caused by the pandemic.

  • Orm Finnendahl: »Neues Werk« für Ensemble (2020, UA)
  • Elena Rykova / María Korol: »Neues Werk« für Ensemble, Elektronik und Projektionen (2020, UA)
  • Chatschatur Kanajan: »Neues Werk« für Ensemble (2020, UA)
  • Liping Ting: »Om ...« für Ensemble und Performerin (2020, UA)

ensemble mosaik

Bettina Junge, Flöte
Simon Strasser, Oboe
Christian Vogel, Klarinette
Martin Losert, Saxofon
Roland Neffe, Schlagzeug
Ernst Surberg, Keyboard/Synthesizer
Chatschatur Kanajan, Violine
Karen Lorenz, Viola
Mathis Mayr, Cello
Liping Ting, Performance

Im Konzert «UpToTen – chimaeras» stellt das ensemble mosaik in Gemeinschaftsarbeiten mit Komponist*innen und Künstlerinnen die Verbindung von Musik mit Performance und Visuals in den Mittelpunkt.


  • Dauer: 02:00h, Pausen: ca. 15 Minuten
  • Kesselhaus in der Kulturbrauerei Berlin
  • Knaackstr. 97, Berlin
  • Ticketpreis: 12 € / 8 € erm.
  • Kartenvorbestellung: 030 - 44 31 51 00
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