Christina Ertl-Shirley
Sa, 19/09/2020, 19:00 Uhr
Klangkunst / Sound Art

Vertical Railway – ein Fahrtstuhlprojekt

Konzertabend "Elevator Music"

"Vertical Railway" is an installation about the elevator as a sounding narrative space by Christina Ertl-Shirley.

On the concert evening "Elevator Music", musicians and composers present new pieces:

Hilà Lahav: “Doors Open” is an Elevator-Music piece in three movements for one player with pipes, flutes, electronics and a recorded score. Two of the movements present homage and dialogue with composers Jane Jarvis and Joanna Brouk, the third with poet Anne Sexton* and her 1975 poem “Riding an Elevator to the Sky”.
ercklentz/neumann play smooth jazz interpretations

Maria Bertel presents pieces inspired by elevator wallpaper

JD Zazie uses excerpts from famous Muzak/EasyListening pieces and takes them together with FieldRecordings as material for abstract sound generation and sound modification.

The sound installation „Vertical railway“ by Christina Ertl-Shirley can be visited from 19.09. - 10.10.2020.

Further Info:

  • Hilà Lahav: »Doors Open« (2020)

Hilà Lahav

Hilà Lahav, pipes, flutes, electronics

Hommage und Dialog mit den Komponistinnen Jane Jarvis und Joanna Brouk und mit der Dichterin Anne Sexton* und ihrem Gedicht „Riding an Elevator to the Sky” von 1975.


Andrea Neumann, Innenklavier, Electronics

ercklentz/neumann spiele Smooth Jazz Interpretationen

Maria Bertel

Maria Bertel

Stücke Inspiriert von Fahrstuhltapeten

JD Zazie verwendet Ausschnitte und aus berühmten Muzak/EasyListening-Stücken und nimmt sie gemeinsam mit FieldRecordings als Material für eine abstrakte Klangerzeugung und Klangmodifikation.

  • KM28
  • Karl-Marx Str. 28, Berlin