photo credit: Marta Zapparoli
Do, 20/08/2020, 20:00 Uhr
Echtzeitmusik / Klangkunst / Sound Art / Performance

Electromigration of Echoes


This project is an investigation into the echoes of the inner ultrasound image of the human body and its rebound as sonic voices in the surrounding external environment. In the form of a vortex of dominant acoustic information, the body questions itself and dissolves into the surrounding space beneath a different sound form. The body is an electrical activity, which contains roughly a hundred billion electrically conductive, biological wires. With the use of a modified ultrasound machine, millions of pulses and echoes are sent and received each second. The probe can be moved along the surface of the body and angled to obtain various views of the organs. The echos of our body are converted into electrical energy for onward processing by the control circuit. By converting the processing of the machine from ultrasonic waves into electrical signal we will hear the resonant frequencies, the voices of our flesh. With the use of sensors microphones, we will voice the fluid blood and nervous system. We will orchestrate the body signals into sound. The vision of the image will become the bridge of the inside-out.

  • Marta Zapparoli & Billy Roisz: »Electromigration of Echoes« Bild-Klang-Komposition (2020, IT/AT)

Marta Zapparoli:, modifiziert ultraschall machine, sensoren microphone, tonbandgerät, electronics
Billy Roisz:, video, sensoren, electronics

Marta Zapparoli und Billy Roisz tauchen in das Innere des menschlichen Körpers und suchen mit Hilfe eines modifizierten medizinischen Ultraschallgeräts nach den Stimmen der Körpergewebe, den Bewegungsklängen von Körperflüssigkeiten und Organen. Diese