Patrícia Bateira
So, 17/05/2020, 20:30 Uhr

Give Guitars To People in concert

The Look of Silence Vol II

Give Guitars To People (NATürlich and Jochen Arbeit) experiment since 2018 in the search of new modulations with the meta-idiomatic improvisation. The multi-stylistic fusion opens up the infinite capacity of the instrument as a rhythmic, melodic element with counterpoints and dissonances, in which one finds a spectrum of colours, dynamics and intentions. With the new album The Look Of Silence Vol I released on ReR Megacorp, the collective is now expanding the concept to different instruments. Special Guests Martina Bertoni and Shannon Sea will join them for the attempt. By combining different genres, genders and languages, they transcend subjectivity overcoming the dichotomy of "I" and "Other". A response to the silence of the Anthropocene, which emphasises the importance of the act of listening. Funded by DG-Artes, a department of the Portuguese Ministry of Culture.
Live Visuals by Patrícia Bateira

  • : »The Look Of Silence Vol II«

Give Guitars To People

Jochen Arbeit, E-Guitar, Komponist
Martina Bertoni, Cello, Komponistin
Shannon Sea, Keys + Synth, Komponistin
NATürlich aka Patrícia Bateira, E-Guitar, Komponist(in)

..."Ein auch zu sanften Störgeräuschen hin offenes Spiel. Treiben lassen, im Treibsand der Klänge Formen findend, loslassen, weitertreiben. Ein langer, eher ruhig gestimmter Fluss war das, mit dahinschwimmenden Soundflächen"... T. Mauch, TAZ

  • Einführung: 20:00
  • Dauer: 50minh
  • ausland
  • Lychener Str. 60, Berlin