Fr, 03/07/2020 - So, 26/07/2020
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The Dry and the Wet

The Dry and the Wet
In hardly any other region of the world does the wet meet the dry in such an extreme way as in southern California. In an almost brutal way. Green fertility borders directly on empty, parched soils, channels carry immense masses of water right through the middle of desert regions with temperatures of up to 50°C / 120°F. Extreme productivity meets extreme aridity. In the middle of all this lies a huge blue lake, created by a man-made disaster, meanwhile turned into a bathing and fishing paradise ("The miracle in the desert") and now has become a man-made environmental disaster again: the Salton Sea.
In a 2-month artistic research period during a scholarship stay at the Villa Aurora / Los Angeles, Georg Klein investigated the entire area from the water intake at the Colorado River in Arizona via the All-American Canal to the northern shore of the Salton Sea, collected sounds, pictures and text remains in the hostile desert region, which is exclusively traversed by artificial water. The documentary material points to a dystopian future: the struggle to control water, which is already underway in many countries and will become increasingly acute as a result of climate change.
The audiovisual installation NILAND - The Dry and the Wet condenses the documentary material in a three-sided video projection that allows the audience to enter it spatially. Together with the composer and saxophonist Ulrich Krieger (professor at CalArts LA), who produced monolithic sound pieces for the "lost desert cities", Georg Klein developed an independent musical level that corresponds to the video triptych and contrasts it at the same time.

  • Georg Klein: »NILAND« Concert + Installation (2020)

Georg Klein (Berlin / GER), Elektronik
Ulrich Krieger (LA / USA), Saxophon


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