Dovile Sermokas
Mo, 23/03/2020, 20:00 Uhr

Inside... Gebhard Ullmann

Das Kondensat

"The trio has its finger on the pulse... a successful update to the grandiose
No Wave adventures of the 80's." (Wolf Kampmann JazzThing)

"It's a kind of sequel to what once began around 'Biches Brew', in the English Canterbury scene and just here with 'Das Kondensat' into the future. Das Kondensat that is a remarkable balancing act between an acoustic and electronic way of making music, between grooving rock and improvisational freedom. This music is alive, it pulses incessantly and leaves trails. Rarely Gebhard Ullmann sounded more sensual and carefree."
(Jörg Konrad Jazzpodium)

"Das Kondensat is an essence of contemporary music with rousing effect."
(Tobias Richtsteig Jazz Theory)

"It reads nostalgically, but sounds extremely fresh and vital with its excellently recorded radiance. Both Gebhard Ullmann, who has many years of experience with electronically modified wind instruments, and Eric Schaefer, who masterfully serves all facets of contemporary structural development from nuanced noisiness to high-energy drumming, stand for this. Together with Oliver Potratz's richly varied string magic, the result is a shimmering condensate whose spicy ingredients are addictive."
(Sven Thielmann, Fono Forum & Stereo)

"Concept, band name, album cover, sound - here everything fits together and makes the intellect of the critical listener hum with satisfaction."
(Hans-Jürgen Schaal, JazzThing)

'The 10 best CDs of the year 2017'
(Andrey Henkin and Laurence Donohue-Greene New York City Jazz Record 1/2018)

Das Kondensat

Eric Schäfer, Schlagzeug, Modular Synth

"Das Kondensat: bemerkenswerter Spagat zwischen akustischer und elektronischer Musizierweise, zwischen groovendem Rock und improvisatorischer Freiheit. Diese Musik ist lebendig, sie pulsiert unablässig und hinterlässt Spuren." (Jazzpodium)

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  • Zig Zag Jazz Club
  • Hauptstraße 89, Berlin