Mo, 16/03/2020, 20:00 Uhr

Inside... Gebhard Ullmann

The Clarinet Trio

Probably the most striking aspect of the Clarinet Trio's music is the instrumentation: three clarinets pure. No strings, no piano, no percussion. A trio in the classical sense, without concessions to entertainment knick-knacks. No electronics either, or cheap appeals to zeitgeist or whatever lifts the spirit. The three musicians create music of strong atmospheric density. Single long lasting tones appear from nowhere. Playing with the volume, drama can be sensed. Silence. Then again sounds that palpate the silence, but also offer that exact silence the space to it's own unfolding. The music is creatively composed and sensitively improvised. It can also growl, paint sounds and swing melodically. It needs no special effects. It impresses with its creative ideas and masterly playing technique.

The Clarinet Trio has performed with great success in the motherland of the clarinet, France, and has been invited to festivals such as Bath, Vancouver, Montreal, Nevers, Montreal, Mexico City, Grenoble, Nimes, Groningen, Rudolstadt, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Bruges. The trio's CDs are now regarded as classics and genre-forming.

CD 'Live In Moscow' (Leo Records 2017)
"For almost 20 years now, the Clarinet Trio has been proving how three clarinets with their rich tonal range and almost limitless possibilities for shaping the sound cover all the requirements of a band. So at this live star hour in Moscow the bass lines pulsate, harmonic colours glow and percussive elements explode like fireworks. The art of improvisation on the high bar over Asian pentatonics or African-like choruses are evidence of the musicians' worldly skills. Many a playful dialogue with forms, phrases and tone sequences could have been eavesdropped on the birds' voices, as in the case of Olivier Messiaen. Most important of all: in every moment there is sparkling humour in the air. 5 stars" (Jazzthetik Magazine)

Drei Klarinetten pur. Ein Trio im klassischen Sinn, ohne Zugest├Ąndnisse an Entertainment-Schnickschnack. Also auch keine Elektronik. Und ebenso keine billigen Appelle an Zeitgeist, oder was sonst Stimmung macht.

  • Pausen: keine Pause; 1 langes Set
  • Bemerkungen zum Datum und Uhrzeit: Einlass: 20 Uhr; Konzertbeginn: 21 Uhr; 1 langes Set
  • Zig Zag Jazz Club
  • Hauptstra├če 89, Berlin